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Hover over the workshop title and click on the "WS#-Presentation" button for the presentation slides.
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The Future of Financial Management 
and ASMC

Rich Brady


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Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT&E), Science & Technology (S&T) 101

WS3-(Not Available)

Sahib J. Singh

SFC, Army

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J8 Aviation Leadership Forum Transformational Leadership

Jason Buys

Comptroller/Director at Defense Logistics Agency

Jason Buys

"Visualizing Data to Identify Actionable Solutions"

AuGUR Consulting

Tyler Duran, IT Portfolio Manager
Alexander Garner, Cost and Data Analyst

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Data "The New Currency"

Christine Frey

Director Overseas Financial Operations

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Navigating Your Financial Management Career

WS4-(Not Available)

Kirstin Riesbeck

Director Office Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), Human Capital & Resources Management

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Ordinary Data to Extraordinary Data

Shea Mccullough

Financial Systems Analyst

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A special thank you to all the speakers who took time to present. 

ASMC Southside

Thank you to all the participants for attending our virtual event.

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